The Tech Scene in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a town along the Riviera Maya that hosts a small, vibrant community of technologists and entrepreneurs. If you ever visit the area we'd be thrilled to meet up and share a drink with you.

Let's meet up

Playa attracts talent from around the world thanks to its laid-back lifestyle, white sand beaches and beautiful surroundings.

We are aware that our local ecosystem is small, and that an outsider vantage point is very valuable. We don't want to sell our products, we want to meet up and chat about small or big ideas that might have in mind.

Iván Acosta-Rubio
Developer, Co-founder of MealsApp
Twitter @ivanacostarubio Github

I completed my undergraduate education in Mathematics with a focus on Computer Science. Nowadays I spend my days writing code that make people live better for During the last two years I've been traveling around South America giving talks at RubyConf Brazil and MagmaConf in Mexico. I love to share my passion and knowledge for programming.

Let's talk about:

Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing Software Craftsmanship Mathematics Kite Boarding Scuba Diving Beers
John Bekas
In the Roo, Co-Founder
Twitter LinkedIn

I'm a co-founder of In The Roo, an online community and travel guide for Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. I am a Application Architect, Backend Service Developer, and Android Application Developer. I love discussing technology and gadgets. I am originally from Chicago, but have called Playa home since Nov 2005.

Let's talk about:

Android Running Homebrewing Technology Startups Software Development Being an Ex-pat in Mexico Travel
Rafael Fong
Paybook, Lead Developer / Co-Founder
Twitter Twitter LinkedIn

Gamer at heart developer by choice. Exposed to computers at an early age, Rafael quickly got interested in technology and its benefits on our lives. Started scripting and coding for fun before doing full web apps. Interested in web technology and code efficiency, likes good challenges that technology can resolve. A side from that Rafael enjoys meeting new people, traveling to new places, live music, playing sports and the beer nights with friends. Rafael was born in Tijuana and raise in Monterrey before arriving to a wonderful city called Playa del Carmen.

Let's talk about:

Technology in general Video Games Music Sports Almost any topic you can think about
Ryan Guthrie
Developer, Paybook

I'm a software developer originally from Oregon, USA that has spent a lot of time traveling before landing in Playa. I grew up tinkering with code and enjoy learning new technologies, especially anything online and networked to allow new ways to interact with others and with data. I enjoy online gaming and work on small game dev on the side as a hobby.

Let's talk about:

Web Development Online Gaming Game Development Simulations Science Fiction Mexico Costa Rica Oregon Travel
Dennis van der Heijden
CEO, Co-founder of
Twitter LinkedIn

I'm co-founder of, online software for marketing agencies and experts to improve their clients online revenue. I am Dutch & Mexican (just got that passport) and building from this amazing location. Playa del Carmen has a great vibe, good sales people and is attractive to invite great developers and designers from all over Mexico. I'm the guy that hires, improves sales, develops the strategy and keeps contact with our VC's aka all the non-tech stuff.

Let's talk about:

Lean Startups Conversion Rate Optimization Quora VC's & Funding Hires Mexico Netherlands Great Dinners Entrepreneurs
Mark MacKay
Developer, Method of Action
Twitter GitHub

I'm co-founder of Method of action, a playground for aspiring designers to practice their design skills. I was born in Montreal, Canada, but I grew up in Puebla, Mexico. I throughly enjoy creating products and learning new things. If I had enough time I'd learn a little bit of everything.

Let's talk about:

UX UI Industrial Design Architecture Craftmanship Gamification Programming Big Ideas Linguistics Spain Canada Mexico
Bellatrix Martínez
Designer, Co-founder of Software Criollo.
Twitter @bellatrixmartnz Github

I am the co-founder of Software Criollo, where we create software that changes people's lives. I live and breathe design and good user experience. My passion is to create products that are useful and make an impact in lots of people. You can see some of my work in Dribble.

Let's talk about:

Design UX UI Technology Startups Scuba Diving Music Travels Yoga Vegetarianism Life
María Munuera
Designer, Method of Action
Twitter LinkedIn

I'm co-founder of Method of action, a playground for aspiring designers to practice their design skills. I'm from Madrid, Spain and I specialize in Interaction Design. I like creating new things for myself and others. In my free time time I'm focused on complementing my design skills with javascript. You can see my portfolio at

Let's talk about:

UX UI Industrial Design Cooking Programming Journalism Arts Spain Syntax Mexico Italy Canada
Gerardo Treviño
CEO, Co-founder of Paybook
Twitter LinkedIn

Gerardo Treviño is a passionate entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. Currently, he presides as Founder and CEO of Paybook, Inc. Paybook also provides total financial visibility to companies and individuals so they can spend smarter and focus on the things that matter most. Gerardo, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, found his passion for computers at age 12 and sold his first lines of code when he was 16. He has amassed over 17 years of professional experience and holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from the Technological University of Coahuila in Mexico.

Let's talk about:

Finance Venture Capital Big Data Big Ideas Launching a Startup
Isro Vergara
Designer / Art Director
Twitter LinkedIn

I'm a young mexican designer and urban bikes lover. I run my own studio, Isro Vergara, where I lead and develop integral communication projects. My main activity is art direction and I love it, but I also love being involved with creative advertising (the entire process) and multidisciplinary projects, this is why I'm so interested in UX. I chose to live in Playa not only because it's a great place to do scuba diving, but because there's no better place to drink a beer while playing my ukulele than by the sea.

Let's talk about:

Mexico Art Direction Graphic Design Advertising Industrial Design Architecture Ideas UX Sustainability Vegegarian Food Silkscreen prints Scuba Diving Ukulele Dogs Bicycles Antiques Yoga Creative Reuse
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Free technology networking event hosted by Dennis van der Heijden that takes place once a month at Winery & Plus. Sign up for iTuesday's newsletter to be notified when the next meeting is taking place.
Bi-weekly projection of design, arts and architecture documentaries on the rooftop of Be Playa hotel.
Movie Nights at La Casona
Every Wednesday night modern furniture store La Casona projects thought provoking movies and documentaries. Free admittance (and free popcorn). In English with Spanish subtitles.
Comedy Below Sea Level
Stand-up comedy show in La Sirena. $50 pesos admittance. Open mic every night if you want to try it out.


The most popular classifieds site in Playa is Andale, most real estate agents and owners list their properties here. Rentals are available by the week, month or year.
iStore Cancún
The nearest Apple Authorized Service Center is in Cancún. Here you can buy/repair any kind of iDevices.
OfficeMax is the place to go for your office supplies. Office furniture, printers, electronics, cartridges are available here.
Playa Now
Playa Now is a food delivery service for more than 40 restaurants in Playa. If Spanish is not your cup of tea, call Playa Now and they'll order and deliver it to you

Weather & Time

Playa del Carmen is located in the Yucatán Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo [kinˈtana ˈro]. It is within the CST timezone, one hour behind the US East Coast and two hours ahead of the West Coast. Weather is warm year-long, rainy season is Sept-Oct. Showers are usually short and intense, day long bad weather is a rare occurrence.



Flight Duration:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes. In the Roo has a great article on safety in Playa from an ex-pat perspective. When in doubt, err on the side of safety.

Should I take dollars or pesos

You can pay in USD in most places, but you won't receive a good exchange rate. Change your USD/CAD to pesos at a bank in Mexico and you'll get 15%-20% more out of your USD.

Can I manage without knowing Spanish?

A little bit of Spanish never hurt anybody, but most people here know at least a little bit of English. In tourist areas conversational English is the norm. Locals are usually willing to communicate by whatever means possible.

Is there anything I should be aware about?

Hustlers gawking souvenirs and wares along 5th avenue are often an annoyance. Just ignore and keep on walking.

More questions? Drop us a line at and we'll get back to you.